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Fetal and Pediatric Cardiology Seminar
December, 9th and 10th, 2011 - Paris - FRANCE

"This world's feverish youths maintain the rest of us at normal temperature.
If ever the young feel cold, everyone else's teeth chatter!"
Georges Bernanos.

We propose this Seminar on fetal and pediatric cardiology. We meant it to be different. Indeed, the presentations will be delivered by Junior / Senior pairs. These duets seemed a relevant idea. Indeed, Youth is adventure, a fresh perspective, freedom from constraint, an acrobat in the lion's den. A Senior embodies experience, what to do and what not to do, all in all, the boons of age.
We hope you will find appealing and exciting this array of subjects ranging from genetics, embryology, first quarter imaging, 3D and 4D imaging and magnetocardiography to pathophysiology of the coronary flow and neurodevelopment, pathologies of the left side of the heart and surgical procedures.
We will usher you into a recent though highly innovative discipline, with both the experience of the greatest international experts and the enthusiasm of junior practitioners, tomorrow's seniors, to escort us. We do not intend to force you, but rather to guide you, step by step, across abysses and Himalayas. In the course of these two days, which we hope will stand out as an unforgettable part of your experience as juniors, we will be speaking English: it is the language of scientific discourse, used in both debate and publications.
Welcome, then, to your two days, for they are yours, of fetal and pediatric cardiology.

Steering Committee:
Charles S. Kleinman (USA)
François Godart (France)
Annabelle Azancot-Bergel (France)
Anne–Lise Delezoide (France)

Speakers and attendees (registered or not) are kindly invited to check in on December 8th.

You just have to come, between 2 & 6pm, at the Institut Océanographique de Paris, 195 rue Saint-Jacques,
Paris 5e.

Otherwise, you are kindly requested to arrive at 7am, on December 9th. Seminar will start at 8am sharp.
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